Saturday, June 28, 2008

pasta, bees and music

i first read about the bee crisis a year ago in this great article in the new yorker. and then a couple days ago i read about it again in a much less in depth article on sfgate.

this pollinator partnership site is interesting. on the right you can click to find out what plants to plant in your region to help the bees (and us!). (the coastal calif. guide is not ready yet.)

the bee situation is frightening to say the least. i can't help but think it's related to all the crap we're putting into the environment and all the problems created by the industrial agribusiness corporations (evil monsanto, adm and cargill who are ruining our food and our land and our farmers, together with our government who is supporting these scoundrels).

in happier news: i had no idea about the robert plant–alison kraus collaboration. you can listen to the whole album on
their site.


asphaltandair said...

thanks so much for the music tip!
perfect for sultry summer evenings.
i'm posting the link on my blog too, so nice to share music love.

Shell said...

Yeah it's scary. There was a recent news article on tv here in Australia - we've kept it out up until now, but now the authorities fear that our bees can't hold out much longer. Nooooo. I love my honey.

nicole said...

yes, scary. the industrial agribusiness corporations really are creating many problems for many people.

...i'm enjoying your blog!