Monday, June 09, 2008


1. leslie
, 2. lina´s country house, 3. plant life

click links above to see whole, beautiful photos.
(sometimes i'm impatient, so friday flickr faves are happening on tuesday this week.)

this stories from rwanda is incredible. found through superhero journal (i cry/get teary almost every time i visit andrea's blog. she consistently {for years now} writes moving posts and finds equally moving links.)

a whole green section on sfgate. nice.

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I don't browse flickr myself (in a way I'd love to; but I really don't want to spend more time surfing...) so it's always lovely to see your flickr favorites; I see great photos I'd miss otherwise.

I also like to look at your list of books you've read. I used to read a lot, and hope one day I will again.