Friday, July 25, 2008

flashy friday

(bad photo of computer screen)

well, here it is. my final project for my summer flash class. bear in mind, i'm not so into animation. and i don't have much coding experience either. though i must admit, in the end, i enjoyed puzzling out what code to write to get the interactivity to work.

you must have the sound on to enjoy my "game."

also, getting the characters to return to their original positions will be irritating. you may have to drag, click and double click, or do some magic combo of those to get the hipsters back into place.

i was inspired to make this by the hipster scene in the mission district of san francisco. i am alternately annoyed and amused by the hipster scene. (luckily these days i'm mostly amused/fascinated by it.) my hipsters look a little too friendly and soft and not quite hip enough.

i was also inspired by lisen adbåge's fantastic line drawings (which my characters look nothing like). she manages to convey so much personality and gesture and story in just a few lines. very hard to do! (and even harder when using a mouse, instead of a pen or a wacom pen even).

anyhow, it's a bit of silliness i hope you'll enjoy.

(seems i was into orange and pink for this class. my midterm animation, kitty alone {also sound dependent}, was in similar colors.)

i'm glad the class is over now. just two classes left for my graphic design certificate. and then what!?


the ghostis said...

This is cute. I like how you think your hipsters don't look quite hip enough. They remind me a tiny bit of Eireann Lorsung's drawings.

mati rose said...

so this is what you've been working on! so cool, i'm impressed!!!