Thursday, July 31, 2008

packing + flickrs

you'd think i was going away for months to the other side of the world. nope. just off on a little road trip to the pickathon and hopefully to broder's for breakfast in portland. back on sunday or monday.

diary of a growing pile:

directions, batteries, maps, blanket and sheet (for picnicking or for warmth), clothing, hat, tarp, towel, sun screen, hat#2, cds, little notebook, holga, books, umbrella, holga film, box of pens and pencils, headlamp, rain clothes, backpack, sleeping bag.

and not shown: cell phone, warm clothes, toiletries, cd tape converter for car, socks, sunglasses, tp (you never know), food (many bags of it), water and the tent.

the chocolate:

(and this probably isn't enough.)

the wine:

i think we are prepared. rain, snow or sunshine.

i leave you with some flickr favorites of late:
121 (i love these colors.)
farmor o farfar vid fryken

see you soon!


Camilla Engman said...

Det ser ut som att det kommer att bli lyckat hur det än går :)

ileana said...

Oh the chocolate! Yes, definitely don't forget to bring enough chocolate. Have fun on your trip!

hrsj said...

i have to say i have chocolate envy :)

have a great time!


Oh, I love that marzipan chocolate! I should be packing too; I'm enthusiastic about spending some time in our summer house on an island, but the amount of stuff needed seems overwhelming (especially since I'm not sure how long I'm going to stay, depends on weather...). Your pile looks small!

dandelion said...

have fun on your trip - it's always good to be prepared , you never know what might happen! marzipan chocolate sounds yum...x