Monday, July 14, 2008


thanks for all the bday wishes folks! i'm touched.

the above weaving is from the window of 18 reasons, a place that intrigues me.

i wanted to mention how great the first sf renegade craft fair was. so much better than any other craft fair i've been to! i really liked the majority of the goods on sale, and it was so fun to feel how much more vibrant this art/craft scene is than the (pretty much non-existent) scenes at other fort mason craft fairs i've been to. truly a renegade spirit about the place. and so heartening to see so many friends out there selling their extra fine goods: mati, hugh, jenifer, annie (+hubby) and lorena's booths all were fabulous. and then fun to see folks whose work i've only seen online on flickr or in blogs. also exciting to find some new to me, awesome artists. i was especially inspired by the fabrics/designs made by jennifer at raeburn ink and by the posters of sonnenzimmer, a studio made up of nick butcher and nadine nakanishi. (the posters are much more beautiful in person.)

oh and this marching band's madness added to the already high energy of the marketplace (found katie's photos of the band on flickr.)

what a great time! congrats all you renegade crafter-artists!

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lisa s said...

happy belated birthday!!!