Sunday, July 06, 2008

walkin' on sunday

something one doesn't see often in sf, an empty lot.

i am not sure how i missed mimi's FANTASTIC
tattoo men dolls. love them. i also love these ladies of hers.

have you seen lara cameron's fabrics?

cute store i went into today while on a walk through glen park.


sara said...

her fabrics - great! looks Scandinavian.

dandelion said...

what is that yellow - is it lawn? great links shash...x

shash said...

hi you two.
d, that is a dry lawn. not quite so dry in real life, but after photoshopping, it looks quite yellow!

dandelion said...

wow, i think i've forgotten what a dry lawn looks like - no chance of that here in rainy england at the moment! It is a beautiful picture though...x