Wednesday, June 08, 2005

earth friendly links

tree hugger - blog about all things environmental. there is so much great info on this site. all the below links except for the last were found on tree hugger.

The Turtle Press - recycled papers, journals, etc.

Mango Moon Yarns - recycled sari yarns!
Blue Sky Alpacas - beautiful yarns, some organic

American Apparel Organics - very cool! the brand against sweat shops now also has organic cotton clothing

and Killing My Lobster isn't really very related to earth friendliness, but they are ridiculously funny. the earth needs humor too i spose. if this hilarious comedy group is coming to your town, see them! your sides will ache, i promise.


{m} said...

I love your blog and your tea cozies! I'm also a reader of treehugger-- so thanks for the turtle press tip and oona's paintings too :)

mati rose said...

killing my lobster is a riot, i agree! have you heard of alternative apparel? also against sweat shops.

Martha said...

Thanks for the good links. Killing My lobster is great. I am also a big fan of Blue Sky Alpaca. Their yarns are so wonderful to knit with.

kath red said...

i love all these earth friendly sites - i have been trying various things that i post on my other blog - and when you try the self portrait day thingy that bird in the hand and i are doing - give us a comment - its on tuesdays.

Jenny said...

Kul att se dina självporträtt. Jag tycker du ser otroligt ‘svensk’ ut på bilden i terummet. ;o) (Hur man nu ser ut som svensk? 9 miljoner olika sätt antar jag …)

Med mig är det bara bra. Har tagit lite semester eftersom inspiration och lust till att skapa är som bort blåst. Det har blivit en hel del böcker och jobb den senaste tiden.

Trevlig helg!