Thursday, June 23, 2005

take your pet to blog thursday #2 a slideshow

my Rosa Pomar doll finally arrived. she took the scenic route i think.

i have never made a slideshow before or loaded something like a slideshow to my site. i think i managed to after some trial and error and confusion, though it has some problems. the pics show up as x's first and then pictures. maybe someone can give me a tip on how to fix it. but check it out.

slideshow of pinky leon with my new doll from Rosa!

i can't believe pinky leon cooperated for it! (the tea party is inspired by Camilla's photos of her dog Morran with plushie friends.)


maria said...

this is HILARIOUS!!! i love it. love it!
oh my gosh, i keep flipping through the images. cats are so strange {in a good way}. pinky leon is priceless.....
:) big smile! mav

tania said...

hahaha! i love the slideshow!

Rosa said...

Thank you SO much for this :D

cosy said...

Love the tea party! So cute!!! I'm so glad I found your blog!