Monday, June 06, 2005

take your pet to blog day

inspired by port2port's take your pet to blog day tuesdays, here are a couple of the many faces of pinky leon. oops. i just realized port2port's take your pet to blog day is thursday, not tuesday. i guess i might as well just post this now then. since i can't wait until thursday, i may as well not wait until tuesday! sometimes i am very impatient.

and, the rarely caught on film (or digi), tummy roll, for liz. PL misses you liz!

and here is PL as usual trying to tell me i need to STEP AWAY from the computer.

next tuesday i may join A Bird In The Hand's self portrait tuesdays.


maria said...

tuesday ... thursday ... who cares! these are great pics! :)
i can't tell you how much i appreciate the "cat in front of computer" shot and the tummy roll. very sweet.
beautiful orange color on your babe.
take care, mav

arc said...

love the cat at the computer shots. if Django could get on the desk he'd be there in a heartbeat. i love that animals want our attention {most of the time!} ... thanks for joining us in pet day. it's my favorite post of the week.

tania said...

hee hee!
why sh'e so photogenic!
love the tummy roll