Sunday, June 12, 2005


my links page has been updated, finally.

got to borrow a friend's car this weekend, so i went to fabric stores i normally don't get out to, like Thimble Creek in Walnut Creek. they have A LOT of fabrics, including a lot of reproduction fabrics from the 30's if anyone out there is looking for those.

i spent too much money on fabric. and i meant to buy in between colors. muted, earthy colors. instead i come back with these. i'm always drawn to the brighter colors even though i know those in between colors are what usually surprise me and work really well NEXT to the bright ones. next time...

my favorites:

i'm finally feeling like sewing again.


momo said...

those are lovely fabrics!! my favourite is the green and white one on the top =) it's so fresh looking and a bit retro!

tania said...

ooh! love those fabrics! it was worth it, especially that pinky purply spotty one.
it's funny we got the same desk! i too wanted a teeny and cheap one.
its good, but my stupid mac keyboard cord is too short to go up the back! argh!

mati rose said...

oh so pretty. i love the green one on top, as well as your faves!

Hanna said...

Well... you should sew some, that is great fabric. good luck.