Saturday, October 15, 2005

provsmak: dröm rum (taste: dream rooms)

so this is just a little taste of the beginning of the dream rooms project mav at port2port started. (see her oct. 12 post.)

above are pictures from the yellow house on the swedish landstrom arkitekt site. very cool houses. (to see numerous pics of each bldg., you have to click on the picture of the bldg. and then on "bilder" on bottom right of the page.)

and here, here, here, and here are more swedish rooms, both in and outdoor, from books i have. (see credits for these photos on my flickr account under the rooms set.)

some things i like in the above photos are the light, attic rooms, openness.

what i dream of/am a sucker for in houses (and these first pics don't exemplify this) is built in shelves, bench seats by the breakfast table, bench seats/beds in general, beds that are in a nook, and bursts of color, among other things.

thanks mav for starting this fun project!


maria said...

oh my gosh. i LOVE these rooms. you have the best taste. i will add these to my folder... and this confirms it even more. i want to move to sweden. thanks for posting!!! maybe i'll post some more soon too... or we could do a flickr group. are you on flickr?

maria said...

oh duh... says it right in your post. i was so excited from your photos i posted without reading that.

Siri said...

Thank you for the link to landstrom arkitekt. They have designed some beautiful buildings. I like their use of long, horizontal lines. Swedish designers seem to really have a way of making the most of natural light, don't they?
We've spent the weekend working on insulating and putting up drywall in a new craft space/guest room. I've been waiting on this for several years, collecting ideas and pictures, and finally, my "dream room" is seeing some progress.
Thank you for sharing some of your own dream rooms.

Hanna said...

White white white and sunlight coming in the window - any enviroment looks it's best with those to added, right? Beautiful rooms, thanks for linking to them!

frida said...

I want to live in that little room under the eaves of the roof. Lovely!

Anonymous said...



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