Tuesday, October 04, 2005

self portrait tuesday

kath has proposed a series of documentary self portraits for october's SPT. this is a series i guess then from my two weeks in sweden. (actually didn't know the theme while i was in sweden, but thought i could use these...) she suggested gritty. these aren't so gritty, but i'll try for gritty later this month! :-) will also have to try setting the camera to take the pic. i love that kath gives us homework!

first travel--

by foot (holding an ice cream wrapper)

by commuter train

by car

and then fika legs--


la vie en rose said...

You got some really great shots. I enjoyed these! I love your shadow over the flower strewn street.

poppy said...

yes - the shadow one is amazing! i think these are some of the best self portraits of yourself so far! great shots!

maria said...

a very nice series indeed. ... so glad you're back! it's nice to go to your blog and see you. :) mav

dani said...

the series/journey you took us on is great! love the last shot of the china.

Camilla Engman said...

Fika legs :) that's a new one.