Monday, October 03, 2005

Ulrika Lönnå

sommar-gladje (summer happiness)

blå blad (blue leaves)

blå timme I (blue hour I)

here are 3 more embroideries by my aunt, ulrika lönnå. these are photos of photos, so they don't do the originals justice. she has numerous pieces in the "blue hour" series, all of tree trunks in the above blues. lovely!

and (correct me if i'm wrong ulrika) she did a series of embroideries on old pillowcases that already may have had some embroidery or lace on them. these had to do with dreams.


maria said...

these are goregous! wow. i don't know a thing about embroidery but i love the colors and textures. thanks for sharing, mav

ste-pha-nie said...

Snygga broderier, sköna färger. Vilken lycka med tid med sin mormor!

amy k. said...

amazing! wow-wow. thank you so much for sharing these, truly incredible work.

poppy said...

very dreamy - must be so difficult to do this by changing the colors. very beautiful.

Laura.Y said...

those are gorgeous! I never seen embroidery like that normally.