Thursday, October 20, 2005

bring your pet (and housemate) to blog

tum tum

erica and PL hanging in the late afternoon light.

erica moved in a few months ago. she's the sister of a friend from laguna beach high school. she was a frosh when i was a senior in high school. since she's moved in, we keep discovering these funny overlaps in our laguna experiences (besides the fact that she is erica anne and i'm kerstin erika ann!). for example, we both worked delivering drugs for mc'calla's pharmacy, driving the little crappy delivery car with no airconditioning in summer heat and traffic. i worked with the older nerdy cooper kid, and she worked with the younger nerdy cooper kid (who according to high school reunion sources is now apparently some successful, hot gay man with a hot partner. love that.).

besides these overlaps, erica is a terrific housemate because:

she is a wild and crazy, sensitive, philosophical, artsy, architecty gal.

she uses laguna words like rad, roust, killer, errr, and shaa. words that are just plain silly. i had forgotten about some of these.

and she eats dinner with me at 5:15! right when we get home from work. i don't know anyone else who eats so early! we're little old ladies that way. (well, i'm a little old lady in more ways than just that, but that's another post.)

and, as you can see here, she and PL are fast friends. it's rad. don't roust.


Di said...

cool bananas!

maria said...

YEAH! pet to blog ... i love seeing PL.
fun to have a housemate... hugs, mav