Monday, October 10, 2005

bird in the hand

so as i mentioned in my last post, i met lisa of bird in the hand yesterday. it's funny to me how much and how little comes across about a person in their blog. lisa's blog is certainly colorful, but she, her art and her house were even more colorful in person, if you can imagine that!

lisa and i toured each others' houses since we live close by and both like to see others' homes (as i bet a lot of us blog surfers do since we get glimpses of homes in blogs). i had been inside for a few days on account of my cold, so everything was a bit overwhelming when i arrived at lisa's. being outside in the sun, meeting a new person whose art i admire (always daunting for shy, easily dumbstruck people like me!), and seeing all that great art and color in lisa's house! wow. i couldn't take it all in, there were so many lovely photographs, artwork, colors, fabric, etc.

above are just a few (my favorites) of the stack of great fabric pieces lisa gave me, along with a dwell mag, and plush you broschure. what a generous gal! i think some of my new bears will be sporting some colorful new coats soon! thank you lisa!


Lisa said...

so glad you liked the experience. perhaps next time we wont each be so overwhelmed. i just made a post about you. check it out.

nichola said...

SOunds like you girls had a fab time!

maria said...

wonderful!!!!!! i love a meet up. you both seem lovely so i'm sure the energy was zigging!

maria said...

... meant ziNging. oops.