Tuesday, April 19, 2005

portraits of trees

i find keri's april 15th post, "connections," helpful in response to my last post on disappointment/anger.

also helpful is to revisit my grandmother's brother's art (does that make him my great uncle?). i love his portraits of trees. he painted a lot of trees in Italy and i can feel the heat coming off of the pictures and relaxing me. i want to eat the lush paint and feel the leaves against my face. he writes of painting trees,

"Ur dess (fargerna pa palettens) kaos och ur naturens outtomliga rikedom maste jag finna den ordning som ar bildens. Men jag hoppas att bilden bevarat nagot av det oavslutade och ogripbara, levande kaos som jag utgatt ifran och som for mig vittnar om naturens oovervinnerliga kraft."

here are a few of Torsten Bergmark's paintings. (unfortunately the scanner distorts the colors a lot. i'll replace these with photos when it's light out.)

Det Sista Mandeltradet, 1991

Djungel, 1987

Olivtrad och Lianer, 1985

Tack Torsten for dina fina malningar.


Anonymous said...

Hello Shash, I was just seaching Torsten's name on the net because my mother's husband was one of his best friends and we have quite a few of his original paintings. My mom and her dad currently live in the town in Italy that Torsten used to spend a lot of his time. His paintings are incredible. So I was trying to do some research and learn more about him, but unfortunately, I'm not Swedish and most of the results are in Swedish.

shash said...

wow, hi! yes, i love torsten's art too. you didn't leave an email, so hopefully you'll check back here. send me an email and questions you might have. i imagine your mom's husband could probably answer them as well as i could, but maybe i or my mom or my great aunt could fill you in. are you in italy or the us?
my email is kshooshy@yahoo.com