Monday, May 29, 2006

fair report

it was a beautifully sunny, though windy day at the fair. linden street is sweet and the fair got very crowded in that narrow space. fun people watching. i sold more than i have at other fairs, but the entrance fee was also the highest. these fairs just aren't worth the fees for me since my stuff is rather inexpensive. (plus i usually end up spending any profit on food and purchases.) and i have a hard time sitting outside for seven hours selling. and then schlepping all the stuff. thank goodness for friends who help schlepp. (the schlepping was especially difficult yesterday because my neighborhood was blocked off for carnaval and there was no driving on my street. we had to walk several blocks with all my stuff to the the car. ay.) the best part of the fair was seeing dear friends stop by (thanks guys!). anyhow, i'll be posting unsold cards on etsy soon. for now i'm thinking no more fairs with high entrance fees though!

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abbytrysagain said...

I know what you mean!
Selling cards is hard sometimes, especially like the ones we create-they are like little art pieces!
I cannot sit 7 hours in the sun-I just think about all the other things I could be soing, this sounds bad-but I am such a bad seller!
Looks like the weather was good-that is always a plus!

lisa said...

yes, visit ella posie for sure. i love hawthorne street. lots of cute shops. have a fantastic time. i love the photo of pinky leon, and thank you for all your compliments on my show! i hope you can stop by to see it, if not friday then sometime soon! xo,