Tuesday, May 02, 2006

self portrait challenge (re)introduction

the theme this month, for the new and improved SPT site, is introduction.

intro to pinky leon as well

hmmm. words of introduction are always tough. my shirt pattern here looks like a quilt. i like that about it. i like color, pattern, texture. i like photos that look faded. atmospheric photos and art that evokes a mood. i'm sentimental to the extreme. need a lot of alone time but i usually drive myself a little crazy if i spend too much time alone. an only child. a cancer. i actually don't think much of astrology, but i do fit the cancer description pretty well. i like to be at home and cozy. i like thinking about home and its meanings. i love stories and poems, words and letters. i like quiet. i'm easily overwhelmed by noise, strong smells and fast pictures. so i probably shouldn't live in a city. but i like loud, smelly, fast people so?? now i'm being a little silly, but it is kind of true too. that's it for now. maybe more intro in the coming weeks. maybe i'll answer the questions on the new site next time.

i took tons of pics for this since my camera was overexposing. even digital cameras surprise!! i like that.

ok, that's enough!


mati rose said...

you are super cute shash. i like the overexposure sequence lots.

lisa said...

i like these too alot. they really capture you.

♥ joleen ♥ said...

there you are! hello. :) i really love that lighting.. wonder if i can make my digi cam do something like that.

vegasandvenice said...

Lovely pictures and the overexposed ones are great!

bekka said...

that is a big cat. your photos are cool. can't wait to see more. and, i like your hair. oh, and your shirt, too.

Kim Carney said...

I love your hair, your shirt and your need for quiet. (and your blog;)