Saturday, May 20, 2006


links i'm adding to my links page right after i post this. i can't believe some of these aren't on there yet. they've been in my favorites folder for a while now.

posie gets cozy
anna emelia
shiny squirrel
the felt mouse
nick butcher
lily of the valley
simple me
put your flare on
little messes
while she naps

oh there are more, but this it for now.

back to making cards for a fair next weekend. i realized if i sold all my cards i would still only break even on the fee for being part of the fair!! ug. better get cracking.

on my itunes today:
john lennon
interpol (the first time i heard an interpol song {nyc}, i got teary. not sure why. something about the quality of the guy's voice. same thing happened when i heard the dead can dance guy's voice {who sounds similar to the interpol guy}, and i don't even really like dead can dance. so i burned an interpol cd and wasn't that into it, but then that thing happened where if you listen to something long enough you start to like it. now i really like them. weird.)
anna ternheim (sw)

laleh (sw)
jane's addiction
neko case


lisa s said...

i love when music grows on you... i love that interpol guy's voice too... it also reminds me of joy division.... i love the 200 couches song the most! :)

Jessica said...

Thank you so much adding me to your link list. It means a lot even in this little blogging world. I look forward to many more conversations and posts.

trudesign said...

Thanks for the link exchange - i'm adding you too!