Friday, May 26, 2006

ih-kee-ah (sw) or eye-key-ah (eng)

went to ikea this week to get frames and ended up with these sheets as well. (i actually really like simple, classic sheets, but i always seem to purchase patterened ones. i do the same thing with plates.) aren't these groovy though? as my housemate erica aptly described them, it's like sleeping in a field of daisies.

i also stocked up on swedish treats of course at ikea:

(ibland koper jag ochsa chokladbollar, kokosbollar, tunnbrod, mariekex, kexchoklad, dajm och dumle. det finns mycket pa ikea, men inte fil och inte hallonsaft eller vinbarsaft)

a few flickr favorites of late:
feet, socks
a braid


kusink said...

Sleeping in a field of daisies! Vilken underbar tanke! Den ska jag spara i min emergency box för själen. Det var längesen jag var på IKEA, kanske är dags nu...


Anya said...

Love the new sheets! And it looks like Pinky Leon does too... : )

Linda said...

What kind of cat is he? I love the round eyes, unusual and so sweet.