Saturday, May 13, 2006

mini-scape bookmarks?

been making these watercolor scribbles to get back into watercoloring (after about a 10 year hiatus). i'm thinking of making these scribbles into bookmarks - laminating them and selling them cheap at the next fair maybe. making these, i remembered that i don't actually want the really really nice, thick, rough watercolor paper cuz it absorbs so much water and color. it looks good while you're painting, but by the time it dries, it looks faded and the cool bleeding effects all but disappear. it's good if you want to paint multiple layers, but for quick sketches, not so good...i think i need to get the smooth kind. i like how you can't really control watercolor though. it makes it both frustrating and exciting for me.


Tine said...

It looks soooo beautiful!! Reminds me of Sweden or Denmark!

The paper troubles are one reason why I gave up on watercolours altogether, hehe. It's an exciting challenge nevertheless. Keep moving, I can't wait to see more!!

secret genius said...

i've been trying to revive my watercolor skills too. the right paper makes such a difference. and it's interesting how something can look vibrant when it's wet, then dull and flat when it's dry, but then luminescent once again when you scan it in and see it on the computer screen. happy painting to you!

dani said...

beautiful! bookmarks sound like a great idea!