Tuesday, October 24, 2006

du fastnar perfekt i min polaroid

can any swedes name that tune?

1. armani
2. self in studio for mav's studio portraits
3. house down the street

i am thoroughly enjoying polaroiding. thanks again lisa s!

polaroids are so much about restraint and what the hell. restraint since each picture costs so much and there's no deleting. and what the hell for when one just has to go for it!

i love that the pictures are almost square too. i miss the days of square slides. i couldn't even find a photo store that could develop a square photo from a slide when i was looking for this about a year or two ago. at least ikea carries various square frames. otherwise, there aren't many square frames out there either. i don't know why we're such square haters in the U.S.

anyhow, i'm off to enjoy the autumn sun.


Frances said...

Armani! Shash! I'm so glad you're blogging - keep on poloroiding and come have lunch with us sometime soon... we miss your little face.

Desirée said...

Jag känner inte alls igen låten. Har du fler ledtrådar?

lisa s said...

i wish i could name that tune....

i'm SO GLAD you are putting the polaroid to good use... yay!

and yes - why are american's such square haters? hmmm [you should get a holga too if you like the square]

Anonymous said...

Back in Scandinavia it's still hip to be square - and thank you so much for reminding me about the polaroid-camera before it got to dusty! Lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

Jorå,det är Kents låt "Gravitation". :) Kom du inte ihåg att jag spelade in den till dig på band? :D (Eller gjorde du det själv från min CD?)


shash said...

det ar klart att jag visste om du laste det har skulle det vara nagon (daniel) som kande till laten.

Hayley said...

Hi there!

Even our TV's are all retangular know. The square is becoming square. :)


Elise said...

Du fastnar perfekt i min polaroid, du blinkar förskräckt när jag ställer mig bredvid, du ryggar tillbaks när min hand just ska röra vid diiiiin.

Den enda Kent-låt jag gillar! :-)