Friday, October 27, 2006

jonathan safran foer + friday flickr faves

just finished everything is illuminated by jonathan safran foer. this kid (and i say kid because he is younger than me, born in 77 {and he's already written two fantastic novels!}) is a terrific and imaginative and funny writer. wise way beyond his years. or maybe possessed. he's one of those writers whose characters are so alive that you think maybe the author was channeling spirits or something. anyhow, this book left me with a lot of questions, and yet still it had a satisfying (if terribly sad) ending. so much to think about and feel about. questions about love, friendship, memory, sadness/happiness, storytelling/truth.

i think it is an important book to read for a number of reasons, but especially now for americans, living in a country that is at war. a country that seems to me to be creating more war.

one passage i like:
She had been to Kiev, he learned, and Odessa, and even Warsaw. She had lived among the Wisps of Ardisht for a year when her mother became deathly ill. She told him of ship voyages she had taken to places he had never heard of, and stories he knew were all untrue, were bad not-truths, even, but he nodded and tried to convince himself to be convinced, tried to believe her, because he knew that the origin of a story is always an absence, and he wanted her to live among presences.

it is also a book that one can read over and over again and make new discoveries, connections. most highly recommended!!!!

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have a good weekend!


hannah said...

oh it is such a wonderful book, so wonderful that i was very hesitant to see the movie. i did end up seeing it and it was also very good, beautiful shots. really just beautiful. the movie doesnt cover all the book but still worth seeing for the visuals. it sounds like i need to read his second book pronto.

mary said...

it sounds like something i need to read. i am adding it to my list right now.

have a great weekend!

anne said...

i just love the picture! orange and pink is such a cool color combination! happy weekend!

April said...

Oh, i just LOVED this movie.
Isn't it amazing when a story or a film touches you so deeply that you feel the tears welling up inside you? There's such a feeling of interconnectedness when we all have a good cry about the same scenes.

mati rose said...

oh you're reminding me to finish this book! i started it about a year ago and got distracted. beautiful quote. beautiful photo. xo, m