Monday, October 16, 2006

on jobs, curry and cards

i feel like i don't write much here anymore because i'm unemployed. but i also want to write here, so maybe i just get over my unemployed status and tell you about it.

i am frustrated with the part-time job search because the job market is so ridiculous. i think about how much money i made at my editing/administrative job that i quit, and compare that to the salary of jobs that seem much more meaningful to me, and it just doesn't seem right. workers in some of the most important jobs are underpaid - teachers, people who work in elder care, artists/musicians, people who work at nonprofits that support/serve/promote/protect the arts, the environment/animals, education, the abused, the discriminated against, the underserved. (not that one can't make even the most mundane job meaningful, through one's interactions with others, etc., but just as far as the inherent meaning of the work...)

i go through a rigorous interview only to find out a job pays 10 dollars an hour. as meaningful as that job may be, i can't accept that pay living in SF.

at some point here i'm going to have to choose between a decent wage for a job i'm not that excited about, and a more fulfilling job that will require me to take out student loans.

but for today i am honing my minimal cooking skills (okra curry today and later this week broccoli ricotta cannelloni - yum), making fika cards (above - chairs loosely inspired by swedish chairs) and doing my homework. (the fact that i love doing homework is making me think i should again consider teaching...)


alyssa said...

Looking for work is such a frustrating process. I understand your plight. Such a confusing time, even more important to keep you art work going. Art always keeps me sane in the most mundane jobs or no jobs
Your card by the way is very lovely.
Take care.

alyssa said...

I hope I didn't sound like I was giving advice, because I didn't mean to sound that way. I just really feel for you and having to job hunt.

abby said...

job hunting is a frustrating process for me and it always makes me consider saving for a small piece of land that i can live off of and cut off from the rest of the world!
i wish you the best of luck in your search and from the bit i do know about you, i think you would make a wonderful teacher.
i am in love with your new cards-cutest things ever.
why can't someone donate a huge old victorian house that bloggers could go and live in and create in-etc?
my dream...sigh...

lisa said...

here's to okra curry. hmph.

bugheart said...

i am so
so frustrating!
oh but your card
is so perfectly
lovely and
okra curry
sounds divine...
one of us needs
to win the lottery
to buy
our farm
for all of
us to move to!

one black bird said...

uh huh, it sucks! pure sucky! you gotta fallow your heart dear. otherwise you will just wither up and... well, just wither up.

joy madison said...

oh my!!!!!!!!! that card is the cuteness! I love it.....the peek-a-boo is PERFECT!!!

lisa s said...

shash - i love that card too. it's fantastic.

i wish that we could implore a living wage - or value those jobs that you list that most certainly don't make enough money.

hang in - a way will come!! i have no doubt as you are so creative and smart and wonderful!

anne said...

your post really made me thinking. lisa s, you're very right. i'm sending you strength and courage to keep going. i hope it will get to you all the way from over here.

i saw your pretty curry pictures on flickr, and they really made my mouth water...& the cards are just the cutest!

Anonymous said...

i so hear you on the non-profit job wage inequity front! so so unfair. i hope you find a perfect fit.

and the card - so lovely

Kim Carney said...

Finding the job you want and making enough money to survive never seem to go hand in hand for me. Sad but true. I know you will find something, work something out! Love the card!

kusink said...

Åh, fina kusin! Jag håller med alla kommentarer här. Du kommer att hitta något så småningom. (Lärare är förresten rätt roligt oftast! Du kanske skulle satsa på att bli art teacher eller nåt...)

Och de där korten var ju hur fina som helst!! Bäst hittills!

Stor och varm kram från kusinen. Jag håller tummarna för dig, stå på dig!

kusink said...

...upptäckte nu att det var ju ETT och samma kort i båda bilderna - då blev det ju ÄNNU BÄTTRE! :-) Du är en väldigt kreativ och begåvad människa. Jag blir så inspirerad. Heja Kerstin!

Katia said...

Sorry you're having a difficult time with the job search. I, too, have been through the struggle of meaning vs. safety/paycheck. I've never resolved it, just sort of put it on hold now that I'm at home with my baby. I hope you find the perfect thing.

Your card is wonderful. Love it!

camilyn said...


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