Thursday, October 05, 2006

friday flickr faves (early)

howling hound in a truck. passed these two grey, old hound dogs yesterday (the one is hidden by the other). the hound dog howl is so endearing/funny. soulful yet casual.

going to continue another week of not blogging, but here are some flickr faves in the meantime.

am really enjoying hihihi's photos:
lots of eggs
a beautiful place

also i love F_L's egg photo. looks like a painting.
swedish and homey
kitty coziness
johanna's i ate it set. so colorful!
beautiful croatia

listening to martha wainwright a lot.
watching this linked to by andrea. (it's not just pregnant ladies that cry over this i'm here to say.)


one black bird said...

i howl like that when i see trucks.

hannah said...

oh that i ate it set is so lovely. have a good weekend!

Siri said...

Loving Hihihi's photos now, too.

kusink said...

Nice to see you up blogging again :) That video really WAS inspiring! It put a smile on my face. More free hugs to the people!