Tuesday, October 10, 2006

looking outside

guess i lied about not posting for a week.

just had to share these two sets of BEAUTIFUL mobiles i found on flickr. have you seen them?

some cool design. check out the kitchen under custom and the dj desk.

also, did you know annie leibovitz has a book out of her life's photography? did you know she and susan sontag were a couple until susan died? where was i? what a cool couple. here is an interesting review of the book and more about annie's life.

ps. i saw the science of sleep last night and it's so wonderful! i laughed from beginning to end. it is really funny. and such beautiful dream scenes!


Annika Sandin said...

Just felt for popping in and say Hello!

Annika Sandin said...

Just felt for popping in and say Hello!

amanda said...

I'm SO happy that you posted that link to the article. I've had such admiration for both of those women, and never knew that they were a couple. What a dynamic relationship that must have been...wow. I guess the media has been criticized quite a bit for downplaying their relationship - I don't remember reading anything about it in Susan's obits. Anyway...I do hope to pick up that beautiful book soon! Thank you!

mav said...

hello sweet shash,
i too saw the science of sleep the other night. i loved it so ... i found it to be quite bittersweet but laughed very hard too. i loved how "crafty" it was.

great links ... as always,

tania said...

oh wow, thanks for those mobile links- they are so neat!