Thursday, October 12, 2006

friday flickr faves (caffeinated + early again)

i don't drink coffee, but erica has an espresso machine, and so i've been trying a wee bit of espresso with A LOT of foamed milk/cream and sugar. it's pretty tasty. and she's sneaking in more espresso every time, so pretty soon i'll be an addict i spose.

of course i'm loving the norwegian beathe's photos.
i like the from above ones especially. (check out the wallpaper in the second one!) this living room of hers is pretty nice too.

more pretty food from above (and i don't even eat meat).


this one is hilarious because of the caption.


jenifer74 said...

excellent mugs :) those would make me happy in the morning for sure...

...interested in the book club too!

alyssa said...

Great pictures to ponder on this Thursday. I like your photo of the delicious looking cappies.

mav said...

now you have me hungry!!! wonderful photo & choices. xx mav

Kim Carney said...

mmmmm, good. Cup and foam ;)

anne said...

beautiful and delicious food pictures, sooo tasty.