Monday, December 11, 2006

bits from sunday

seems i'm taking pictures of a lot of circles and reflections lately.

first, fika/lunch at samovar with a friend.
tea, curry egg salad sandwich (not pictured) and a coconut rice pudding. mmmm.

ceiling of the nook in samovar

off to see for your consideration

then a walk through hayes valley. i never walk around in hayes valley because it's so expensive and somehow out of the way, but it's fun to look in the stores. there seem to be several scandinavian-inspired stores. there's one called scandinavian decor (or something like that), one called smak (which means taste in swedish, either taste as in taste this food or taste as in she has good taste) and is a clothing store, and some others that just seem to carry swedish goods. (there's also a swedish clothing store in the fillmore called flicka {girl} and owned/run by a swedish woman and a swedish american woman. they get to go to sweden twice a year on business. i need to have a store like that!)

wheat wreathe
on the way to my friends' house i passed this wreath,

green globe
this green globe,

ivy house
and this house covered in ivy.


anne said...

hello sash, i'm fascinated by all things round and circle, too. that wreathe in your picture is so pretty! great idea about the store, why not start it! there's so much goodness coming from that country, should be enough for a lot of stores :) cheers, anne.

Anonymous said...

hey shash. your post reminded me of a book i loved when i was growing up 'my friend flicka'. a swedish farmhand names a filly flicka... 'its swedish for little gurl'. such a beautiful series of books.

looks like you had a great weekend.

Tiffany said...

I have to say that I love living vicariously through your photos! Seeing green grass and ivy rather than snow and is just the day to see grass. I needed that, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thats funny that you said you are photographing a lot of circles and reflections seem to be reflecting in your thoughts too!
Love the photo of lunch :)