Wednesday, December 13, 2006

dec 13th: happy sankta lucia!

for show and tell in elementary school, my friend heather and i performed sankta lucia for the class. that is heather on the left, holding her battery operated candle tightly, and i am on the right, holding my left hand tightly. 1980. must have been second grade then. i don't remember the classroom having all those crazy shelves. we must have been in the art room for some reason.

camilla posted a good link to a lucia description.

so did my cousin karin.


abby said...

i remember reading about it in the American Girls series. I still have a "kirsten" cookbook with a recipe for the buns. Wow-i am a dok-maybe i will make some!
happy day to you!

Anonymous said...

Åh vad söt bild. Lucia är nog det finaste vi (i Sverige) har, den enda traditionen/högtiden som jag inte vill skippa. Och ändå såg jag ingen Lucia i år :(

mati rose said...

happy st lucia day back! my friend bekah and i acted this out in 6th grade for the class... funny mems. Thank you for the lovely x-mas card I just received!

Funky Finds said...

what a cute photo!

kusink said...

Glad Lucia i efterskott! Vilken gullig bild! A package is coming your way too :-) ... Hope it makes it to your house before Christmas!