Tuesday, December 19, 2006

purple and grey

yesterday i collected some of these yellow leaves for a project.
candle flame leaves.

it's true the seasons are not as dramatic here in california, but it just means we have to pay more attention. and contrary to some popular belief, we do even wear winter coats. in fact, i'm wearing mine now. indoors!

thanks to those of you who made it through that last post and expressed appreciation. sometimes after i hit publish, i get a slight queasy feeling. did i say too much? (i'm sure many of you are familiar with this.) but then you all come with your understanding comments and i feel ok. ideally i shouldn't care so much about the response, but i'm not quite there yet.


alyssa said...

I don't think that you ever have to worry about that, because you have a guardian angel of eloquence when you write. A very powerful gift.

anne said...

hi shash,

you look so cute on your photo! beautiful expression.

it is your blog, you can say what *you* want!

bugheart said...

love the photo
of you.
i hae found that
bloggers are afraid
to hit publish,
it's when
their readers
love their posts
the most...
maybe it's
it's when you
are being
so you
it's kinda scary.

hannah said...

what gwen said...

ps. i was so glad that there are so many other people that go through that much mental acrobatics ever night. sometimes i wish i could just sleep...