Tuesday, December 05, 2006

thank you

well, the sale/party was a success! i completely forgot to take pictures. hosting parties is not really my thing, so i was pretty anxious/distracted throughout, but happy that the party overall went well. so many nice people came over. thanks all of you who stopped by and thanks to all the sellers.

above is a hat i received at the sale in a trade with blanche, who got one of my sheep.

my camera is not uploading photos anymore, so i may take a bit of a blogging break here until i get a card reader. also, i tend to feel like hiding out for a bit after parties. but maybe i'll try not to do that. maybe i will scan and post old photos instead this week.

thanks also for all your sweet comments about my last post about mormor. you all got me teary all over again (in a good way).


Anonymous said...

hi shash!
you look so cute in that hat! so glad to hear that the party/sale went well!

abby said...

i know what you mean about being anxiou, etc-tha tis so me, too! but please don't hide! Old photos sound nice:)

bugheart said...

you look
so cute!
just talked
to lisa s...
and she said
the party
was non-stop...
that can be
i would need to
hide-out too...
wish i could
invite you
over for tea
and swedish

kylie said...

im very happy to hear that it went well for you. like everyone else im sure, i totally understand wanting to hide away but would be tickled pink to see you post. either way i hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend.

mav said...

oh i just adore that hat.... love love love. does she sell them?

shash said...

she does, but not online. i can send you her email. i don't know how the sizing works. they're reversible too! she does a really nice job on them. she doesn't check her email super often, so you may wait a week or so for a reply.

julie said...

Lovely hat on you - enjoy your rest and feel better

Anonymous said...

Love(!) the hat :-)