Saturday, December 30, 2006

top fives of 2006

taking a cue from my cousin's best of 2006 many lists (for days she's been posting lists), here are some of mine.

music i listened to most this year:

*martha wainwright
*the weepies
*the decemberists

favorite movies watched

*little miss sunshine
*no direction home (video)
*the science of sleep
*dirty pretty things (video)
*everything is illuminated
*bobby (ok, that makes 6. and i feel like i'm missing an important one.)

books i loved

*the known world by edward p. jones (FANTASTIC)
*the chosen by chaim potok
*everything is illuminated by jonathan safran foer
*extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan safran foer
*crooked little heart or blue shoe by anne lamott

favorite eats (some discovered in 06 and some just newly appreciated in 06)

*mexican chocolate icebox cookies
*russian cabbage soup
*scharffen berger’s milk chocolate bar (and i’m normally into dark chocolate)

*i do not generally frequent chain food places, but on the way back from oregon, my friend liz and i stopped at the a&w root beer place and i ate fried cheese balls for the first time. maybe i was just really hungry, but those things were SOOO tasty. so salty. so fried. so cheesy. i’m afraid i may need to go back to A&W in 2007 and revisit the fried cheese balls. you know just to see if i was dillusional from all the driving or what.
*carrots (or baked yams, potatoes, beets) dipped in trader joe’s yogurt and chive dip (i plan to try to make this dip myself because it seems really simple)

monday will be a list for 2007...


bugheart said...

happy new years!
my lists would
be so so similar
to yours...
but now i have
to try
those cheeseballs!

anne said...

happy happy new year to you shash!!

i loved little miss sunshine, too! wonderful movie. and i also very much agree on the russian cabbage soup ;)

all the best to you in 07!!!

Anonymous said...

lists are so good.... [those cheeseballs sound good to me.... never been to an a/w]

happy new year!

Stephanie said...

Gott Nytt År!
I also loved Little Miss Sunshine - laughed so hard I cried and then cried and then laughed and oh, my!

hope your 2007 is a good one!