Friday, December 29, 2006


back at my parents over xmas, i did my annual pouring over all their old photo albums. this time i brought some photos back to SF to scan and send back with my mom.

although i want the photos to be preserved, i do like the way some of the photos are fading. some photos seem to fade to blue, some to red, some to yellow.

i have decided i must get a holga, because i just like square photos best.

here are my mom and i on our old deck, with waldo the pointer. waldo seems to be enjoying the bubbles most. that rock in the background is a (naturally occurring or rather, occurred a long long time ago and now erroding) sandstone in our yard. i really like the tones in these photos.


bugheart said...

i too love
the colors
of those
fading photos...
what cute
with you
and waldo!

Jenna said...

What a great, quirky photo - squares are the best.