Sunday, January 21, 2007

behind the picture

i've been foiled about five times now for this behind the picture project. the most recent time i foiled myself (if that's possible), being just before this picture, at breakfast. erica and i went to a local breakfast joint, where i'd planned on taking my behind the picture photo, but when i took out my camera i realized i didn't have my memory card in it. err.

anyhow, here is a photo i just took in the backyard. i don't hang out in the backyard enough. i like it back there.

if you look closely, you can see a basketball going through the net in the yard behind ours, just beyond the fence. a boy and a girl were playing there. they didn't talk much and didn't seem fiercely competitive. occasionally i'd hear them saying something in spanish in a pleasant way of kids just really into what they're doing. mostly it was just the basketball thudding in the background.

and water draining in another yard, perhaps from the washing machine. trees rustling with the cool breeze. one plane flying over. and a constant, though far off hum of traffic. a wind chime chiming.

despite all these sounds, it felt very quiet back there. i sat down on the cold, cold concrete in the sun to write down what was going on behind the picture. my butt was freezing, but the sun felt nice. it reminded me of breezy days in laguna sitting in the driveway outside our house hanging out with the dogs. the air felt really clean. (it's one of those days when one really notices air.) i had a slight headache behind my eyes. a full tummy after eating a chocolate shake, eggs, potatoes and sourdough toast for breakfast. (yes, a shake for breakfast.) still appreciating the relief i am experiencing after this. and appreciating supportive friends, family and blog readers.

please check out the other behind the picture players. links in the comments in this post. grey dandelion feather's is quite poetic. please join us next friday!


cruststation said...

I love the bottom picture, the blue sky, washing line and the trees in the background. There's a sense of freshness about it, and I can almost feel the coolness of cold air.

amisha said...

i love the basketball capture, and your description of the sound. and the story of your mood, the air... so evocative.

Mary said...

i love this, shash. I may have to give it a try myself. :)

mati rose said...

i played shash! and ended up writing too much mind chatter, but i guess that's the point!

dandelion said...

Your pictures are beautiful - (i love the tree in the top one) Your descriptions are so real, I feel as though I'm there!

Thanks for such a great idea - count me in for future 'behind the picture' sessions!!

kris said...

i fixed it. thanks for letting me know.