Friday, January 26, 2007

flickry friday

taking a little break. back for behind the picture next friday hopefully, if not before then. (whenever i decide on a break i am inspired to post for some reason.)

this friday just a coupla flickr favorites:

secret - i keep looking at this one.

sleepy sparrow's photos - good colors, moods.

have a good weekend!


Shari said...

hi shash!
hope you enjoy your little break and the weekend ahead of you. i know just what you mean. whenever, i announce a blogging break, i suddenly have an urge to post. i'm sending you an email soon to catch up with you. xo shari

cruststation said...

I love your photo, look at that pink and blue sky! The buildings are beautiful too, there's a symmetry about them. Enjoy your break!

NIchola said...

I played today!

Mette said...

Me too :-)