Friday, January 19, 2007

play date postponed

for me anyway. life has rudely interrupted over here, and i won't be playing today.

i will post a behind the picture (see previous entry) entry on sunday. but please leave a comment if you played along today, so i can visit you, and so i can mention you in my sunday post. i know risa played. tomato soup for breakfast!

i'm excited that so many of you want to play along. can't wait to see what's happening behind (or around, during, before, under) your pictures.


FlipFlop said...

So rude of life to interrupt a playdate!

I dorkily showed up early and enjoyed it so that I may even play again sunday!

Have a good weekend,

Michael said...

I played. And I might even try to do this regularly, it was fun.

amisha said...

hi there shash,
i played today! great fun... i love this idea.

kris said...

i played! great idea. we should do this regularly!

jenifer74 said...

me too, i played!

dandelion said...

I played along! And enjoyed it a lot!