Monday, January 01, 2007

for 2007

things to consider doing
(besides feel like the above as much as possible)

go to city arts and lectures
go to opera/ballet/other performances
go to storytelling night
take a dance class
check out ashkenaz in berkeley
enviro-consumer blog
look into "spiritual" activities/groups in SF
visit glide memorial (for the singing)
figure out how to sew clothes (a skirt at least!)
make another bed quilt
draw/paint/journal more
creative writing class?
take card portfolio around to some stores
research what it takes to open/run a store
volunteer again helping homebound elderly
consume responsibly
get involved in some kind of peace work (even just letterwriting)
start listening to NPR again (put radio in kitchen)
try to watch NOW on tv
do more silkscreening at mission cultural center or cellspace
visit alcatraz, coit tower (and design bookstore nearby) and walk across the GG Bridge (can't believe i've lived in SF 9 years and have not done any of these)
find swedes to talk with
get rid of stuff
take more hikes
visit cor in grass valley
make food dishes + desserts (have dinner parties)
check out osento
swim, take yoga
get health insurance
do more and worry less (always on my list)
fall in love

happy new year friends!


anne said...

shash! what an increadible list! so many great plans for your new year! yay 2007! maybe the last 4 posts help you manage all the others ;) a beautiful new year to you!

Anonymous said...

Vilken inspirerande lista, önskar dig lycka till med att genomföra så många som möjligt!

kusink said...

A long and wonderful list! I wish you the best of luck to accomplish all of them! As Anne said above, go for the last 4 ones first (plus the photo face of course) ;) ... I think I will have a go at one of those lists too! Very soon :)

Gott nytt 2007, min kära kusin! Hoppas vi kan ses snart...

abby said...

radio+kitchen=awesome I cook to "the splendid table" show on sunday nights-yes, i am a dork...
happy new year, shash-best of luck in 2007.
i am so glad to have met you and to recieve constant inspiration from you. your family photos are amazing by the way and i am begining to understand why you are so very cool.
i would love to see your new consumer blog project!
happy new year darling-
xo abby

Anonymous said...

happy new year shash! love your list. your 2007 sounds amazing! :) may you pursue what you love. xo shari

Anonymous said...

i too have the radio in the kitchen!

great list shash! [i haven't been to alcatraz either!!]

happy new year!

Ky said...

happy new year =)

Anonymous said...

happy new year to you! what a great and inspiring list... sounds like 2007 will be a rich and fun year.

bugheart said...

are the wonderful
the new year.
fresh new lists
of things
to do...
love that.
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

that is a wonderful list - a lot of those are on my list too. if you ever want a buddy or tag-along let me know :)

mati rose said...

love the list! i feel inspired to do some of the same-- maybe i can join you?!

Frances said...

Quite a list! I'll walk the bridge with you - it's loads of fun. Happy New Year!

cruststation said...

Wow, what a list! I think putting it all down like that always helps especially when you feel the achievement of crossing them out one by one :) Good luck!

julie said...

Wonderful list for 2007! We have some similarities!!

May it be very happy!!!!!!!!