Friday, January 12, 2007

two more kitties + flickr favorites

two more purple kitties for gigi to choose from.

i am very excited to find amanda j's photos this week. they are so rich, in color, mood, story, beauty....can't get enough of them.

another excellent find this week: martin pavely (i like the sound of that name)
this one
this one and
this one

and finally three lovely cup/teapot portraits by:
lisa s
windowsill and

so much beauty!

oh gosh, i must also point out:
this kitty
and this one

anne's wintergarden
and iris.'s self portrait
and girl from mars pony



amisha said...

your kitties are so, so cute. what a lucky girl!
great flickr finds too... thank you for sharing!

kstyle said...

Hi Shash,
I just discovered your blog via a flickr group and I love your creative content. Drop by kstyle. I think you might enjoy. k

Oh and I will be featuring your fabric cards in one of my upcoming Saturday slide shows. Will let you know when I do. Thank you so much

lisa s said...

come over for tea anytime!! :) xo {i might have to get my tea pot a shash cozy!}

jerusha said...

shash! thank you!! :) and thank you for the link to amanda j ~ i am in love!

mav said...

goodness me woman! so so SO much love in one place. thank you!!!