Tuesday, March 31, 2009

tenenbaum tuesday

thank god the tenenbaums are ready for me at the library. i really need to see them. it's time for my circa tri-annual the royal tenenbaums viewing. i should just buy the movie. it's the only movie i see regularly (although sex, lies, videotape and amelie and the science of sleep are very repeatable too).

did you participate in bench monday? it was kind of strange to see all the benches/legs in my flickr contacts' photos. strange, but fun. i had to join in. now i'm finding myself making mental notes of potential bench photo shoot locations out about town. there are a lot of cute benches in this city.


caramela said...

I find your work inspiring.I only got involved with the blogging world very recently, but since I discovered your space I am always looking forward to reading what you have to say and taking a peak into your life. Thank you.

shash said...

thank you caramela for the sweet comment.

Anonymous said...


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Fine Little Day said...