Friday, June 05, 2009

diamonds on the soles of her shoes

dots/diamonds day 6: knitted diamonds

i guess it turned out to be mostly dots/diamonds from my closet this week. i realized i have a lot of old clothes! the above icelandic sweater i bought at a thrift store in sweden in 1991. i still wear it. it smells very wooly. almost makes me feel like bleating. ;-)

there are a lot of good song titles and songs with diamonds in them, huh?!

paul simon and ladysmith black mambazo

sawdust and diamonds
time is the diamond
black diamond bay
diamonds and rust


sulu-design said...

I loved all the diamonds this week - especially these.
And I, too, am smitten with the new US stamps. So lovely!
Happy weekend.

asphaltandair said...

i can almost smell it : )
and i can almost hear you bleating!
i've enjoyed your theme this week.