Saturday, June 13, 2009

hey kiddo

when i went to pick up my mom at the san francisco airport a couple days ago, i waited for her at the luggage claim. i sat beneath this great imagine bus exhibit. i didn't write down the name of the artist unfortunately (all elementary school kids), but the one above is called
bumblebee house, i remember that. bad photo—sorry.

my mom and i went to the san francisco center for the book exhibit, once upon a book. the exhibit features six children's book illustrators and focuses on their process(es) of creating illustrations. i liked them all, but i especially enjoyed maira kalman's work. so funny--both the text and the paintings. (
i finally made the connection that tibor kalman was her husband. i have appreciated them both for a while now.) here's a fun, short youtube of maira talking about her books about pete (who is her dog in real life).


caramela said...

What fun! Thank you Shash, I absolutely enjoyed the Maira Kalman clips- I watched the illustrated woman too which was so very funny and insightful...

shash said...

i watched that one too. she's a character. i like what she says.