Wednesday, June 17, 2009


is how i've felt this week so far. but tomorrow will be better.

seeing sandra's book did make me happy.
as did these guys, found on emma's blog.

i am all about ian mcewan's books lately. so good.

like cockatoos by the cure
the lighthouse
by interpol

did you use the word er in the 80's/90's?
how about roust? roust actually turned out to be a word specific to where i grew up. my high school friends and i realized this when we left home and used the word roust regularly in conversation, much to everyone else's confusion. roust can be a verb (
to make fun of) or a noun (an act of ridicule). what a roust! it is kind of fun to have a word that only people around your age and from where you grew up use. an identifier.


elizabeth said...

around here, we say Wicked. wicked = very. As in that movie was wicked long!

sulu-design said...

Sorry you're feeling "er," but that is one cool photo. Can a photo of "er" make you un-"er"?