Friday, June 26, 2009


here's part (the box) of a graphic design book project i did last semester. it started with an exquisite corpse drawing this evening. erica, karin and peter did the drawing, and then i wrote a little story to go along with it and designed an unfolding book (resembling how an exquisite corpse unfolds). i finally got around to mailing one off to my cousin and peter in sweden a week or so ago, so am posting this now.

(the box should close with a velcro snap, but the paper isn't sturdy enough for that.)

bigger here

looks like summer in sweden


heather smith jones said...

i really like the way you've designed this & the drawing and colors look so interesting too. awesome!

Chelsea said...

This looks really fun!

kusink said...

Oh yes, it's fun! And the story is WONDERFUL!

Thank you shash for the fold! We loved it and are honored to be a part of it!


shash said...

thank you ladies! ox