Tuesday, June 02, 2009

headlights look like diamonds

it's another day of dots/diamonds from my closet. honestly i could probably fill two weeks with dots and diamonds from in there. but i do intend to find some outside too. they are everywhere, but none of my outdoor diamond photos from today were remotely interesting.

arcade fire

some diamonds from betsy walton
here and here and here and all over really


Tvivlet said...

"Since you said goodbye
polka dots fill my eye
and I don't know why."

Maybe The Libertines "What Katie did" use as a soundtrack for these days of dots/diamonds.

Oh, Betsy Waltons drawings reminds me quite a lot of our "Beverage road" and I tell you, there will be more to come in that direction.

Keep it real!

Tvivlet said...

...COULD use as...
Well, I'm a swede, hohoho.

mikafika said...

i love this week!
i love the colours, patterns and...everything!
thank you for sharing your dots and diamonds!