Saturday, June 20, 2009

it did not fall off

one of my favorite things about the bay area is the food—the diversity of restaurants/eateries, the farms, the freshness. i also am fascinated and inspired by the food networks here—the way local farmers and chefs and entrepreneurs support one another. there are now THREE organic ice creameries within a twenty minute walk from my house, all using organic cream from straus farm in marin. straus was the first all organic dairy farm west of the mississippi. (they have also been and are innovative in waste management.)

so today i tried the newest and closest to me of the three creameries in the mission, xanath. i had a cone with huckleberry + chocolate. the huckleberry was delicious! chocolate was good too. i like that i can
satisfy my sweet tooth while supporting sustainable farming, truly happy cows and local businesses!


caramela said...

I can definitely see the merits of supporting such a worthwhile cause!!-

shash said...

:-)) right?