Tuesday, July 14, 2009

july 14

for my birthday, i bought myself some shoes, but they didn't fit right, so i returned them. instead i bought thread at 40% off at the fabric store on mission street. such a deal. i may go get more tomorrow, as i hadn't checked beforehand to see what colors i need.

heather made a honey, orange water, pistachio mousse!! which i CAN NOT WAIT to eat. and this friday i'm making a key lime (with regular limes) pie with macademia nut crust. decadence!

tuesday flickrs
more spools
otto is excellent.
i wouldn't mind a kitchen like this for my birthday.
grammy rolling out pasta dough


Swimming Deer said...
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caramela said...

Happy Birthday to you then!
Enjoy...the edible goodies as well as the visually edible!

tania said...

happy birthday!!

scaredy-cat said...

Sounds and looks lovely!
Happy birthday, even though I'm a bit late!

shash said...

thanks ladies!

lisa s said...

happy belated birthday!

my favorite thread!!!! :D