Saturday, July 11, 2009

never worn: day 3

even though i'm writing all this stuff about clothes, and i do love patterns, i am actually not a big shopper at all (especially not for new clothes), nor am i fashion conscious. i often wish (i've mentioned this before here) that i had a smart uniform so i didn't have to think at all about what to wear.

in sweden, they have this weird thing. at the universities, all the people in the science fields have jumpsuits that i guess they wear when they're in lab? like all the people in physics will wear one color of jumpsuit. all the people in chemistry, another. am i making this up? it seems wacky when i write it, but i swear i think this is how it is, like team science! (swedes, can you verify?) it's those coverall jumpsuits with the elastic waist. i always wanted one. they look so comfy.

my dad has a uniform of sorts, as i've also mentioned before.

a closet of perfectly tailored clothing would be nice. they'd feel so easy on and would last a long time since they were so well made. you wouldn't need a lot of clothing, because everything would look just right, and you'd feel great wearing the same outfits regularly.

the top above is another too small piece, never worn, thrifted in sweden. i just can't part with buttons that look like miniature landscape paintings!

i should add floral motifs to my sucker list (from day 1).

the stockholm syndrome on the daily show.


Daniel said...

well, it's not quite right with the jumpersuits. it's the engineering students that wear them, not the science students (thank god; i would hate to have been forced to live through the ordeal of trying to look as if I loved wearing that).

but it is correct that the different engineering students have different colors: chemical engineering students have one, eletrical engineering one, and so on.

in addition, the students put badges (in fabric) with different "cool" prints on them (which I think their mothers must sew on), pins and what not. it's all really bizarre.

the reason for wearing them is apparently more practical: the cover the more "fancy" clothes when out having wet nights and days during the "nollning", which is some analogue of frat house initiation rites in the US.

There you have it!

scaredy-cat said...

In Finland the students have the same kind of jumpsuits. Though at least in Helsinki the students of the Faculty of Arts traditionally think those jumpsuits are so uncool, so I never got one while studying there, and now I'm just too old. ;)
One girl I knew studied physics, and her jumpsuit was neon pink! Now that's cool!

jenifer74 said...

Bob & I would like to be on the orange team please!