Friday, July 10, 2009

never worn: day 2

buying clothes can be a little like bringing a photo of a haircut to your hairdresser. you expect to look as beautiful as the model once you have the haircut. same thing with clothing. you see a certain dress, and you imagine the kind of person who'd wear it. and you think maybe you'll feel like that kind of person when you wear the dress. and even if you don't look like a model after the haircut, or you don't suddenly become someone else when you step into the dress, sometimes the haircut or the dress does put an extra swing in your step.

i probably had some ideas about how i'd feel in this thrifted number—a bit swaggering/sassy cowgirl at a square dance, with those lacey lines at the top. and of course it falls under two of the categories i mentioned yesterday: dots and transparent parts. sadly it also has always been too small. i think i can actually part with this one now.

nidhi at unworn has been doing this for a while. she has beautiful photos in general and of her unworns.

on a more serious note, my csa farmer, pablito, wrote some interesting stuff this week (scroll down) in his weekly newsletter. pablito was inspired by a lecture by economist jeff rubin. here's a short version of jeff rubin's talk, and here's a long version. he talks about oil, the failing economy and the potential revolution in how we consume/produce things/food and in how we live. (jeff rubin looks a bit like sex in the city's mr. big, huh?)

my mom left for a visit to sweden today. wish i could have gone with her.


Chelsea said...

I can really relate to this problem, especially with thrifted finds. They look so incredible in the store and you imagine all the ways you might be wearing something.....and then it sits there!

shash said...

indeed. luckily for my wallet i do this less and less these days. i bet the thrift stores up there are more tempting though...

Rynke said...

What a nice story :)