Saturday, July 04, 2009

make a new plan stan

otl aicher's beautiful tickets.

(unrelated to the above) one of my favorite things about wes anderson movies (in addition to the colors, the sets, the dialogue, the fact that i feel like i'm home watching them, the hilarity, the poignancy, the themes, the music...) is the planning. the main characters all have big plans.

max fischer, ultimate planner
royal tenenbaum, schemer
francis l. whitman, itinerary master
steve zissou, crazy expedition coordinator

of course their adventures never go according to plan, but there's so much life in the planning! the disruptions to the course usually precipitate a result similar to (or preferable to) the result these kooks set out to achieve. sometimes the main characters have a hard time letting go of their original plans (max and royal are especially stubborn), but eventually they accept what madness and beauty comes their way.

yesterday mati and i took an ice cream walk and we ended up back at her house brainstorming, making lists and setting plans down. plans are hope, and what is life without hope! i tell you. lately i have been very plan deficient. been feeling lost and wanting/needing a big goal, a next step, but i've felt overwhelmed and worried. uncertain and confused. it's been bringing me down. planning can put one's thoughts on a different track, especially if you plan with someone else.

it is like a wes anderson movie or like john lennon sings, life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. still the planning is half the fun.

spinning over on sew green


matirose said...

i love how you tied in wes anderson to planning! i'm really looking forward to seeing your plan unfold.

jenifer74 said...

Ack - a new plan? I miss that I missed your ice cream make a plan session!