Thursday, July 09, 2009

never worn: day 1

a couple weeks ago when i was finding dots and diamonds in my closet and noticing how i've owned most of my clothes for years, i noticed another thing. i have some clothes that have been in my closet for years that i have never worn. not once! most of them i have never worn because they are too small. they were too small when i bought them, and they are still too small. (funny how that works.) but i can't get rid of them. here are some things i am a sucker for:

very large buttons
fabric covered buttons
transparent parts of clothing
unusual patterns/fabric
vintage patterns

dots, diamonds, stripes

about ten years ago i was a sucker for:
clothing that looked like it might be made with upholstery fabric (skirts that looked like chairs)
clothing with texture

the above dress i believe i bought at a thrift store in sweden. it falls under the unusual fabric category. isn't it weird? i wonder if someone made this fabric themselves. i have sometimes fit into this dress, and i suppose i keep it thinking it might be good for some kind of costume party. what kind, i don't know.

(we'll see how many days i can fill with never worn clothing. do you have never worns too? join in!)

speaking of fabric, check out these awesome kids clothes by kristin. i LOVE her fabric choices. some remind me of marimekko.

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Nidhi said...

love this! looks handpainted :) I had started documenting "unworn" clothes on my blog a while ago here. always interesting to see others' unworn clothes.

sulu-design said...

I love the dress, love the interesting fabric, and love this idea for a series of blog posts. I am obsessive compulsive in my cleaning and organizing habits, so nothing stays in my closet that doesn't get worn. Maybe that's why I so enjoy this peek into your unworn world.

Rynke said...

Hahaha, yes, funny how that works ;)

lea said...

hello shash, nice blog you have here. i'm honoured to be mentioned : )